The Obvious Solution  

Now;  The 'Propagation For The Nation's', mentality!
It doesn't matter of which religious 'faith' you are BECAUSE we are all the
same, calorie-dependent, oxygen consuming, masses of 'Protoplasm'! 
Let's make a, generous estimate of ten MILLION, people, world-wide, at
zero AD, just over two thousand years ago!
Now lets take the latest, 'World Health Organization' value for the world-
population!  That was a mere-NOT, six, point two, plus BILLION people!
Since one BILLION, is a mere thousand MILLION, that means the world-
population has increased a mere-NOT, six hundred and twenty-times,
since day-one! We'll say, just over two thousand year's because after-all,
we keep our calendar's, to that date!
In the Near-Future;  The 'Nurture For The Future', mentality!
If that's in fact what, we wish to due, provide a 'Nurturing' environment for your
children and their children, known as your grand children, the best way to accomplish that is by following the 'Two In-Two Out' plan, world-wide!  Two children to replace the, two parents who are eventually going to pass away!  In that
way, there's never an increase on the severely stretched, world food supply!
Actually, over time there will be a slight decrease, in the total demand!


Every individual has the 'simple' choice;  A)  Three to the high, in the nineties of,
ninety-something, in the eighteen hundreds, where each of those kid's gets to
die of starvation OR B)  Two happy, productive children who will eventually give
you a total of, four happy, productive grand children!
The answer is, rather simple and straight forward!  Sure, if you believe in
that 'GOD' character, he probably did say something to the effect of, 'go forth
and multiply' BUT a math genesis, he was not!
For, he would have acknowledged that, an increase of over six hundred and twenty
times, on a 'shrinking' food resource, is a fool-proof recipe for one BIG disaster!
It quite frankly, makes the two-thousand and one, plane-WTC disaster, seem rather
insignificant, both in terms of the total number, as well as the type of death's!  A few
thousand, compared to world-wide starvation, also known as EXTINCTION!
Bush, ought to pay close attention, to the 'fact' that nucleated food or food from nucleated soil, is a TAD hard to eat!


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